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Massage Therapy at Fairview Park Chiropractic Center

Woman getting massageMassage has been practiced for thousands of years. There are numerous styles using a variety of pressures, movements and techniques. All involve pressing, rubbing or manipulating muscles and other soft tissues with hands and fingers.

The health benefits available from massage therapy are many. More people are incorporating it into their wellness routine, and to help relieve injury discomfort.

Why Do I Need Massage Therapy?

At Fairview Park Chiropractic Center, we understand that people benefit in a number of ways from combining chiropractic and massage therapy. Both therapies work together to create an environment where healing can take place, resulting in a much faster recovery time.

Muscle tension can cause the body to be out of alignment; massage therapy releases the tension, allowing adjustments to go deeper and last longer. Correction of structural issues is easier, and patients experience less discomfort.

It’s easy to see how the two therapies complement each other. Both offer hands-on, drug-free techniques, which can be used as preventative and restorative therapies. When used in combination, they can help you maintain optimum health and enjoy life to the fullest.

Woman getting foot massage

How Can It Help Me?

Massage therapy has been found to

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Help rehabilitate sports injuries
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Foster relaxation
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility

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